$250 year

Botox $10 / Unit

10% Off Services

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Exclusive Offers

No Mobile Fee 

Diamond Membership   

$699 year

Botox $9 / Unit

20% Off Services

Preferential Booking  

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Platinum Membership 

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Injectables & Facial

Lips –                                       Restylane Kysse
$600 per 1ml syringe
Face & Jawline –                 Restylane Defyne
$600 per 1ml syringe
Face –                                      Restylane Contour
$600 per 1ml syringe
Face & Cheeks –                 Restylane Lyft
$600 per 1ml syringe 
Face & Cheeks –                   Juvederm  Voluma XC
$800 per 1ml syringe
Face & Lips –                          Juvederm Volbella
$600 per 1ml syringe
IV Therapy
$120 IV Fluid with one ingredient
$25 per add on

IV Therapy Information

Skin Pen Facial
$600 for one, or $1500 for 3                      $400 for one w/o PRP

Aka Vampire Facial w/ PRP

Hair PRP
$750 for one, $2000 for 3

Price per treatment

Botox / Xeomin

Price per unit*

Xeomin                                        Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Aka Stop Armpit Sweat 

LipoB IM Shot

Add on service only* 

NAD+ IM Shot

Add on service only* 

Orthopedic Injection

Call for details* 

Functional Medicine Services
$1000 per month for 3 months.

Telemed, weight loss, diagnostics, nutritional & lifestyle analysis and modification.                      Call for details*  


$25 Mobile fee will be credited towards your future service

Deposits & Payments

Cash, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or Credit Card.

Credit Card Fee 3%

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