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Injectables & Facial

Lips –                                        Restylane Kysse
$600 per 1ml syringe
Face & Jawline –                  Restylane Defyne
$600 per 1ml syringe
Face –                                       Restylane Contour
$600 per 1ml syringe
Face & Cheeks –                  Restylane Lyft
$600 per 1ml syringe 
Face & Cheeks –                      Juvederm  Voluma XC
$800 per 1ml syringe
Face & Lips –                             Juvederm Volbella
$600 per 1ml syringe
IV Therapy
$120 IV Fluid with one ingredient
$25 per add on

IV Therapy Information

Skin Pen Facial
$600 for one, or $1500 for 3                       $400 for one w/o PRP

Aka Vampire Facial w/ PRP

Hair PRP
$750 for one, $2000 for 3

Price per treatment

Botox / Xeomin

Price per unit*

Xeomin                                        Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Aka Stop Armpit Sweat 

LipoB IM Shot

Add on service only*

NAD+ IM Shot

Add on service only*

Orthopedic Injection

Call for details* 

Medical Weight-Loss  
$1200 for 3 months.

Telemed, Semaglutide + B12, Labs, Nutritional, Fitness & Lifestyle Analysis & Modification.                      Call for details*  

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Brent Eaton, FNP

Brent Eaton is an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Injector that is offering services to the Greater Houston Area.  He is very passionate about helping individuals achieve their aesthetic goals, as well as total wellness.  My mission is to encourage the beauty and self confidence my patient’s desire.

I was introduced to Brent after I went to a previous surgeon and wasn’t happy with my results.  I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of anatomy and products.  Brent is reasonable, honest, and won’t upsell you on services you don’t need.  He’s personable, passionate, and he comes to you!  I might be biased but I swear his products kick in immediately.  I no longer trust anyone else with my face!  I highly highly recommend Brent Eaton!


Brent is Amazing!  Great communication, very professional.  I feel lucky to have been introduced to him.  This was my first time ever getting Botox at home, and he did a great job.  Highly recommend him!  I’m a customer for the foreseeable future for sure.


For all your aesthetic needs, I wouldn’t think twice about going to anyone else but Brent!  You want to trust your healthcare professional to make the right decision and with Brent, you get that and more!  He’s attentive to what you want as a client and also informs you of his professional opinion!  He goes out of his way to make sure you get what you want and with the best results.  I’ve referred all my friends to him and will continue to do so!  Thanks Brent for all that you do and making me pretty!  🙂




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